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Dynasty trade evaluation: Prescott, Kamara, Aiyuk, etc. (1 Viewer)


League layout: 16 -team dynasty / Non-PPR / 35 roster spots + 6 IR / Starter spots: 1QB 2RB 2WR 1FLEX 1K 2DB 2DL 2LB
13 week season / 6 teams go playoffs in weeks 14 to 16. My team went #2 (9-4) in the season and I'm currently playing semifinals, but MNF will not change the fact I've lost this week, meaning I will end the season 3rd or 4th place.

A few days ago, another team offered:
Dak Prescott, Chris Godwin and '24 4th rounder (Midround. Somewhere between 7 to 10 position) ...
... in exchange for Alvin Kamara, Brandon Aiyuk and '24 2nd round pick (LateRound. Somewhere between 13 to 14 posiition).

How can you evaluate this offer?

1. My initial thought is that the other team gets much more improvement, and offered the traded based solely on Herbert injury + Prescott hype, hoping that I could be desperated and pull the trigger fast. Am I being biased?
2. Kamara's current carreer status (post Brees-Payton era) means that he now is the typical "sell high"? I think he can have his swan song, but only if traded to another team. Non-PPR scoring takes a little from his future value, right?;
3. Prescott is no upgrade to Herbert, as Justin, since in the league, has ended every season, except '23, with more ff points than Dak, in this league scoring system. But I could address one recurrent weak spot: QB depth. GMs in this league tend to accumulate QBs, and I'm one of the few teams without a starter QB2. (I've got some luck here, because everybody let Browing loose on waivers till I've grabbed him on week 11, and today he is my only viable QB). My thoughts are meaningful? Browning showed enough to receive trade attention soon?;
4. Aiyuk's last 2 seasons shows that maybe he can be a long-term cornerstone to a team's WR corps? (If he goes, I think I still have some potential at WR);
5. I don't think the other team has many serious upgrade/depth pieces to mine. The exceptions would be J.Taylor, A,Cooper, TJ Hockenson, D.Prescott (and draft picks)?

My offense
Q: J.Herbert (IR) / J.Browning / T.Lance
R: N.Chubb (IR) / A.Kamara / JK Dobbins (IR) / Jerome Ford / Keaton Mitchell / Damien Harris (IR) / I.Abanikanda / Sean Tucker
W: Brandon Aiyuk / Nico Collins / Rashee Rice / Courtland Sutton / G.Pickens / J.Dotson / AT Perry
T: D.Goedert / I.Likely / D.Waller

Other team offense
Q: D.Prescott / M.Stafford / K.Murray
R: Jonathan Taylor / D.Pierce / C.Patterson / C.Edmonds
W: Amari Cooper / C.Godwin / D.Mooney / J.Palmer / N.Westbrook-Ikhine / M.Valdez-Scantling / J.Smith-Schuster
T: TJ Hockenson / Connor Heyward
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This was a deal that he was trying to sneak by you because of you in the playoffs and needing a QB. At a minimum the pick values should be swapped. You shouldn't be giving up the best dynasty pieces and the better pick. I just decline and move on.
This was a deal that he was trying to sneak by you because of you in the playoffs and needing a QB.
To me, these are a signal that my thoughts were reasonable. Thanks for your advice,

Note: Week 15 scores => Browning 29.2 / Prescott 7.4

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