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Nico Collins trade advice (1 Viewer)


Drafted Nico Collins in 2021. Stashed him and now... people are pulling the trigger, trying to buy him. What could be a fair asking price today?

- League info 1: 16-team 4-division non-PPR IDP keeper. 36 rostered. 17 starting: 1QB 2RB 2WR 1Flex 1K 3DL 3DB 3LB.
- League info 2: Every year, we keep 24 players, make 5 draft rounds and fill the rest of the roster through FAAB waivers. Because of the roster size, the WW is almost a dumpster fire.
- Season: 13 weeks / Playoffs with 4 div champs and 2 best records from all the other teams.
- Offer: I am 2-0. A division rival (0-2) offered Tyler Higbee + '24 2nd + '25 3rd round picks in exchange for Collins + my '24 3rd and '25 4th rounds.

- My week 3 team (and bench):
Q: Herbert (Trey Lance, Dorian Thompson). [Basically, no QB2])
W: N.Collins, G.Pickens, J.Dotson (B.Aiyuk, C.Sutton, Skyy Moore, Rashee Rice, Terrace Marshall, AT Perry) [Have some flex depth here]
R: Jerome Ford, Tony Jones (Damien Harris, Sean Tucker, A.Kamara, Nick Chubb, JK Dobbins) [RB corps depleted early in the season]
T: Waller (D.Goedert)

- His probable week 3 team (and bench):
Q: Russell Wilson (D.Ridder)
W: Brandin Cooks, Michael Thomas, Mack Hollins (Brandon Johnson, Curtis Samuel, Michael Gallup)
R: Bijan Robinson, Kyren Williams (S.Perine, M.Breida)
T: H.Hurst (T.Higbee)

My initial thought was that the guy put some random players and picks in a maneuver to get Collins. I would send what can be his WR1/2, in exchange for what would be my 30-year TE3 and a some upgrade in next 2 years mid rounds. Am I being reasonable, or overvaluing a recently hyped player, which I drafted and waited?
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I dont know that you SHOULD trade him. I think hes gonna be a real nice player to hold. He and Aiyuk should make for a real nice tandem for a long time.

as for the trade offer itself, I dont know how that type of deal ranks in your format. its a fair number of draft picks but if you have a need at RB maybe you should look at getting Kyren Williams involved in the deal and at least address a team need. you likely are not helping yourself all that much at TE (other than maybe bye week coverage) so really its the draft picks that make or break this deal.
You're getting all these future picks with the hope of getting a future star. But Collins is an emerging star already. No benefit to trdae for that. Who the hell needs Higbee - he's a middling TE.
I dont know that you SHOULD trade him.

Just forgot to add this thought in the original post: That I am not willing to trade him, just hoping to know what would be a reasonable price to let him go right now.

with the hope of getting a future star. But Collins is an emerging star already.
Yep. I thought of that earlier. It's always good to have more darts to throw in the draft. But a proven capable player needs to have more value. For now, I'm tending to stick to my "convictions".
Don’t trade him. With Stroud at QB he’s becoming a star. Nico has superstar skills and is finally getting a chance to show it

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