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Trade Advice: Nico Collins for Dak Prescott (1 Viewer)

uh oh hot dog

8 man PPR league with 1 qb, 2 rbs, 2wrs, 2 flex (te, wr,rb) defense and kicker. My team consists of:

K Murray
J Mixon, J. Jacobs, J. Taylor, K Williams, J Ford, R Stevenson, Z. Charbonnet
S Diggs, D Adams, J Waddle, Nico Collins, M. Brown, C Watson,
Cowboys. Cleveland
J. Sanders
Currently in 1st place with a record of 7-4-1

Murray is on bye week 14 and the only decent free agent is Justin Fields. I was offered Dak for Nico and I'm seriously considering it. The only thing that worries me is Stevenson, Taylor, Watson and Marquise Brown are all hurt so can I afford to trade away Collins. The guy offering Dak said he would throw in Higgins, A. Cooper or Sutton if I wanted them.
Another consideration is the Cowboys are playing the Eagles in week 14 and the last time they played Dak put up 31 fantasy points.
Right now my week 14 lineup would look like:
. QB ?
. RBs - Kyren Williams, Joe Mixon
. WRs - Diggs, Adams
. Flex - Josh Jacobs, Waddle
. DEF - Cowboys or Browns
. PK - Jason Sanders

In conclusion I can try to pick up fields and then roll with Murray the rest of the year or trade away Collins, who I would probably start as one of my flex options, to get Dak who should produce more fantasy points then Collins

Your thoughts would be much appreciated. And I will more than happy to take a look at your line up as well.
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8 man leagues are all about week winner type players that you can guess correctly on who will hit their potential each week. Generally I would say just pick up Fields because he has week winner capability. Obviously Nico has that as well as he just showed that and with Dell out for the year that may not be a fluke performance. I may offer up Waddle or Adams instead if you really want Dak. I would move Waddle before any of the others.

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