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Is this the weirdest season every??? (1 Viewer)

uh oh hot dog

8 man PPR league with 1 qb, 2 rbs, 2wrs, 2 flex (te, wr,rb) defense and kicker. My team consists of:

Burrows, Murray
J Mixon, J. Jacobs, J. Taylor, J. Cook, K Williams, R Stevenson, Z. Charbonnet
S Diggs, D Adams, , Nico Collins, D. Johnson, C Watson, Devonte Smith, Michael Pittman Jr.
Cowboys. Cleveland

No question just an observation. Any other year my team, I would think, would be at or near the top of my league. This year I am in last place. Of the RBs picked in the first 4 rounds of our draft only McCaffrey and Etienne or at or above expectations. Anybody else notice this is not a normal year for fantasy football?

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