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Jaylen Waddle or Jonathon Taylor Flex (1 Viewer)

uh oh hot dog

8 man PPR league with 1 qb, 2 rbs, 2wrs, 2 flex (te, wr,rb) defense and kicker. My team consists of:

Trevor Lawrence, Baker Mayfield (drafted Burrows but....)
J Mixon, J. Jacobs, J. Taylor, K Williams, J Ford, R Stevenson, Z. Charbonnet
S Diggs, D Adams, J Waddle, Nico Collins,
Even Engram
Cowboys. Cleveland
Currently in semi finals

The only spot I am struggling with at this point is my last flex. I like what Waddle did last week without Hill but if Hill is back not sure what to expect. Also Dallas is the 6th best against the pass. Taylor should play based on early practice reports and Moss is injured. However, Atlanta is #2 against the run this year. Right now my line up will look like
QB Lawrence if healthy
RBs K. Williams and Joe Mixon
WRs Diggs and Adams
FLX Jacobs if healthy and Waddle or Taylor

Thanks for any help given. I will defiantly give my thoughts on your team if needed.
Fins/Boyz game has the potential to be a shootout.
Edge to Waddle even if Hill is in , as seems he will be.
Again, I go based on need. If you need floor I would go with Taylor if you need ceiling I would go with Waddle. In 8 man leagues, typically you need ceiling as all teams are stacked.

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