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Brett Favre reaches settlement in racy text dispute (1 Viewer)



Brett Favre reaches settlement in racy text dispute
By Eye on Football staff | None
May 24, 2013 8:50 pm ET
A lawsuit filed by two massage therapists alleging that Brett Favre's lewd text messages cost them their jobs has been settled out of court, the Associated Press reported.

Lawyer David Jaroslawicz didn't disclose any of the financial details regarding his clients, Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole, and Favre, but he said that the matter was “resolved and discontinued.”

The lawsuit alleged that in 2008, while Favre was with the Jets, the quarterback sent inappropriate text messages to a third therapist. After Scavo's husband complained about the alleged texts, the two women claim they lost their part-time jobs with the Jets. The two women sought undisclosed damages.

The suit alleged that Favre sent suggestive messages to the third woman and Scavo, asking to meet. Favre then allegedly followed up by texting, “I guess I have bad intentions,” the AP wrote.

Favre has denied the allegations in the past, and his lawyers have said that the quarterback wasn't responsible for the fact that the women lost their jobs.

Favre last played with the Minnesota Vikings in 2010.

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