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Brian Leonard Sneaky Wk 10-12 PPR RB? (1 Viewer)


With Doug Martin IRed, Brian Leonard looks like a decent pick up for those in PPR hurting at RB due to byes and/or injuries.

The last three weeks his touches have picked up. During weeks 7-9 Leonard's caught 11 of 13 targets for 89 yards. He posted a 4/48 receiving line vs. SEA last game. To put his number of targets for the last 3 weeks in context, the leader during this time for RBs is Jacquizz Rodgers with 20; Leonard ranks 8th in targets for RBs over weeks 7-9.

He plays a MIA D this week that's very soft vs. RBs. The next two games on the schedule (ATL, @ DET) don't look too bad, either.

Has anyone already picked him up or at least put him on their watch list?

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