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Broken Tackles and YAC for college RB prospects (1 Viewer)


Greg Peshek at The Sideline View has two posts, using data from STATS ICE, which give elusiveness statistics for 11 of the top RBs in this draft class. Gio Bernard, Eddie Lacy, and Jonathan Franklin stand out as having the best elusiveness numbers; the same three guys stood out to me on video as creating the most extra yards. Marcus Lattimore lands at the bottom of their rankings.

Here are their numbers, sorted by a combination of broken tackle percentage and yards after contact per attempt:

Player Extra BT% YAC/attGiovani Bernard 41.7 8.15% 3.19Eddie Lacy 35.0 7.84% 2.88Johnathan Franklin 39.8 8.16% 2.71Andre Ellington 31.8 5.66% 2.59Montee Ball 27.5 4.78% 2.49Joseph Randle 27.5 4.01% 2.60Stepfan Taylor 25.4 4.97% 2.18Le'Veon Bell 24.0 4.19% 2.41Christine Michael 21.8 4.55% 1.76Mike Gillislee 17.0 2.46% 1.76Marcus Lattimore 13.9 1.40% 1.95This mostly matches my ratings based on the games I watched on YouTube, although I had somewhat higher ratings for Michael & Lattimore and lower ratings for Bernard & Taylor.


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