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Broncos Defense? SD players going off? (1 Viewer)


Sounds like Denver will be resting a bunch of players, I am playing against LT and Gates in my Championship game and I am kinda worried.Has anyone heard any info on Bronco Defense and who will rest?Any thoughts on a Dinged up LT performance? Gates?

Yeah, Wilson out double hurts me. He helps cover Gates and helps stop LT. I have heard whispers that both starting CBs being out also :(

I think LT puts up a nice game, wanting to end the season on a good note after his effectiveness was curtailed and the playoffs disappeared.

The following players have been ruled OUT for next week's game against San Diego:Courtney Brown, DEAl Wilson, MLBDarrent Williams, CBMike Anderson, RB.In addition, Denver will probably sit Champ Bailey and maybe Trevor Pryce/Gerard Warren at some point. Especially Bailey, since he's been nicked up.That said, Ian Gold and D.J. Williams will both be playing, and Denver will be spending a lot of time in its "heavy nickle" look (2 LBs, 2 CBs, 3 Safeties) to minimize the loss of Wilson. Both Williams and Gold are capable nickle defenders, and the third safety (Sam Brandon or Curome Cox, depending) is the guy they tagged to defend Gates and Gonzo this year, anyway. So I wouldn't worry about Gates this week any more than you usually do. He's always capable of going off huge, but I don't think he's any more LIKELY to this week than any other week, especially if Champ sits (in which case SD will be going to McCardell a lot).As for LT... I haven't been following the injury situation, but isn't he likely to sit, anyway?

LT resting? All I have heard is he plans on playing and want to "Finish Strong"..... I also heard he might have broken ribs, not sure why they would let him play if that is true.Anyone with a LT updaate?


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