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Broncos Never Draft a RB in Round One (1 Viewer)

i think earlier poster nailed it that it is tough for WR & DL to make immediate impact...
I think you can get immediate pass rush help from the draft. See Merriman, Ware, Freeney, Allen, Peppers, Smith, Suggs, Grant and Williams from recent drafts (currently some of the leagues best). It's no slam dunk, but no draft choice ever is.WR, on the other hand, is a position that takes longer to develop. But do not confuse having an impact with needing to be a 1,000 yard guy. Simply being the 3rd guy and contributing 500 yards would be a big help to the Broncos. They only have two WRs worth a crap right now. Throwing a Jackson in the mix. He could contribute and make an immediate impact. Be a legit 3rd option and a real threat on the field at all ranges as a rookie (like Chris Henry for the Bengals) as right now you seemingly really only need to cover Smith short to intermediate and Lelie deep. Some depth and versatility in the WR corp would help. It does not need to be a new #1 or #2 immediately
good points, TME...but peppers was a #2... freeney, suggs, merriman & ware also went before #15... allen was a DIV II find but i think you would miss on average a lot more than hit... i wouldn't want to count or depend on a needle in a haystack find like that... & DIV II could be gotten much later than first round... i think the most merriman & ware-like guys in this draft are lawson & wimbley... they may be better fits at 3-4 OLB, which DEN doesn't play... lawson especially is smallish to be playing at DE (though mathis has done quite well for IND)... he is listed at about 230... leonard little was a 230 lb LB at TEN who bulked up to 260 & became dominant... but it took a couple years... good call on will smith, who was gotten around #20 in his draft, & looks like a future superstar...

imo, where they are drafting (unless they move up), & accounting for players with traits that fit their style of play... they are probably looking at kiwanuka or hali type... if that is case, imo a second-third tier DE carriesa MUCH bigger risk of being wasted pick than the blue chip, elite RB prospects... especially BEHIND THEIR OL & IN DEN SYSTEM/SCHEME.

i agree with what you said about WR... as i said above, i think they could do a lot worse that something like white/holmes at 15 & 22...

* edit/add - another thing about smith, who you were right to point out as an impact DE who was drafted about #20... he is both a lot faster than hali & stronger & stouter against the run than kiwi... though that would be cool if they could use the 15 & 22 on both of them, then genetically engineer one really good DE from them... combining their strengths & eliminating their respective weaknesses... :)

but seriously... i don't see a will smith in this draft (not at 15 & 22)... super mario is peppers-like... but he is gone no later than 5... than there is everybody else... next best impact guys (lawson & wimbley) may not fit their scheme... though it is very possible wimbley could be a situational DE right away... lawson has 3-4 OLB written all over him.

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