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Bucs QB (1 Viewer)

Although I was relieved to see Garcia drive the field and pass for the TD to tie the game up yesterday one thought kept nagging at me: "This would be exciting if it didn't look so freakin' hard against the KC Def!"

I really believe the achilles' heal of the Bucs is their inability to stretch the field via the passing game. Garcia is a big part of this. Despite his turnovers, I think Griese has more armstrength to throw the ball downfield and, I think, ultimately gives them a better chance at going deep into the playoffs. However, another part of it is their WRs. They really don't have WRs who are a serious threat to put up YAC. Galloway used to, but he's been hurting and he's another year older.

Their running game is good, OLine and DLines good, defense good, dink-and-dunk passing game good. Vertical passing game bad--and I think it will be their downfall going up against teams that can put up points (e.g., NYG, NO, etc.).

Related to this issue is that they are not good enough to overcome turning the ball over (unless their D also gets turnovers) because they can't score quickly by moving the ball downfield. Their blueprint is to avoid turning the ball over, play tough defense, and dink-and-dunk their way to 15-20 points. When this works, great. But, they aren't a good enough team to overcome when things hit the fan. And that's what worries me for the 2nd half of the season.

Just another thought ... the guy looks to have a pretty easy schedule the rest of the way, particularly with DET and NOS back to back in Weeks 12 and 13.


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