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Bucs vs Giants - Week 11 (1 Viewer)

Barkley is killing 8 in the box for the Bucs... that's a BAD look for the Bucs D. They look confused about gap responsibility.

Letting the Giants score at will and then try to catch up.  Awesome game plan for the Bucs.  It’s worked well so far

Jesus Christ Shep reaped souls on that catch and run.

Redzone showed L.Collins being evaluated for a concussion - any updates by those watching the game? 
Collins had the hit that appeared to stop Fitz shy of the goal line. He did go limp for the second but appeared to get back up quick. Didn't think he was hurt.

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That is a TERRIBLE series for Vernon. Personal foul penalty extends the drive, now 2 straight offsides penalties? Jeez...

Jesus Christ the 3rd INT in the game for Fitzpatrick, this dude is an absolute thief at QB.

Fitzmagic is over.    Winston has to be coming in, no?
Fitzmagic was over weeks ago. I remember telling people to pick up a 2nd QB in the Fitz thread in case things go south  and guys started crapping on me for suggesting that.

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Jameis is trying his damndest to beat Fitzpatrick's turnover record but the Giants are refusing to cooperate.


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