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Buffalo at NY Jets (1 Viewer)

So, was Spiller benched??
I don't think he was technically benched, but the Bills have been playing catch up and obviously like Fred better in pass protection.

Fred obviously looks a lot better today running the ball too.

Rough start to the year for Spiller with 2 bad games out of 3.

Jets have no challenges left after losing two? The Manuel fumble was called down, but the Bills had a holding call so the run came back. Jets could not challenge?

Second fumble was wiped out by penalty.

Rodgers had McKelvin-itis.

Dont look for the ball. Dont make a play on the ball. Dont tackle the guy either.

Hat trick!!

This is insane. The Jets seem like they've all mentally checked out and they're just accumulating penalties to see how many they can get.

Well, there is one thing now known....Powell is an OK RB and will continue to dominate the touches from the Jets backfield, for this year at least

EJ looking like a rookie QB playing his first road game ever and up against a good defense.

Not a surprise but hopes were up in Buffalo :(


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