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Buy low/ sell high week 1 (1 Viewer)


I haven't seen anything that was an official buy low sell high thread I remember we had these on a weekly basis last year. Some of my thoughts.

Buy low- Ridley- even though the fumble with vereen going down, and ammendola and gronk nowhere to be seen Ridley should be leaned on heavily this week and should be out with something to prove.

Dez Bryant- guy had a downer against a team that has been planning to take him away for the last 3 months, some talk of injury I have seen some serious panick going on in my leagues he will still dominate and my guess is much sooner than later.

Richardson- way to talented to only receive 13 touches when gordon comes back thete will be no more stacking the boxes on him. might be a little harder to get this guy. I mentioned to the guys in my league that norv has been ruining rbs for the last 4 years lol got them thinking actually picked him of for Murray in one league.

Cj2k- i hate him ad much as the bext guy but I would give this 2 more weeks because they have some very tough opponents then I would make an offer guys schedule becomes a cake walk after week 7 and he should be a very nice player to throw in a boom or busy flex position.

Sell high-

Vick- if you have an eagles fan in your league now is the time to start fielding offers, If I can turn Vick into Brady or stafford someone like that from a panicked owner I am doing it. Vicks upside is huge and he looked awesome but I only see him lasting for maybe 6 to 8 weeks before he takes a shot that puts him out.

Julius Thomas- I know he is athletic and a great catcher but manning had a lot of mouths to feed and there is not gonna be 7 Tds to gk around every week, decker should pick up some more targets and I think a lot of people are seeing the next Dallas Clark. If I have him as a backup to gonzo Witten graham any of the upper tier Guys in leagues I can't flex him. I'm moving him to upgrade at rb or wr.

Anyone else got any?

Buying: Tavon Austin. Guy was drafted to be both Bradford's security blanket as the replacement for Amendola in the STL offense, as well as the Rams' answer to Percy Harvin as a multi-purpose weapon in the new-and-improved Rams' O.

Got six looks in the "move the chains" portion of the offense, one look in a reverse, and a couple deep looks as well. Was used on punts, also. He wasn't showcased in any of the mindbending ways Fisher seemed to be suggesting when he hinted at opening up the playbook. But he got lots of looks for a guy getting his first look at live gameday action. If Austin keeps seeing this kind of volume, he's going to break more than his fare share for big plays...and comes with the safety of having a pretty high floor, just owing to the reception numbers.

I've heard a number of people call his debut "disappointing." So since I saw it as anything but, I see him as a target.

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Really? You didn't see anything on the first page that could resemble anything near "buy low, sell high."


As usual, a great thread. I'll go with the following:

Buy Low

Gio Bernard

TY Hilton

James Jones

David Wilson (call me crazy, but I think he puts it together at some point this year)

Sell high

Julius Thomas

Cam Newton (I know people will think this is crazy, but Shula will hinder his performance all year


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