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Cadillac OROY/ Merriman DROY (1 Viewer)


I think offensive was to be expected as Cadillac started and ended strong. Defensive was more of a toss-up with Tatupu and Thurman in the mix. Obviously Merriman's 10 sacks in 9 starts carried a lot of weight. Second among linebackers to Jerry Porter's 10.5. I actually thought Tatupu would win it as he seems to have had a greater influence on Seattle's D than Merriman has on SD's. SD already had a pretty solid LB core with Foley, Godfrey, Edwards, and Phillips.

I too thought Tatupu deserved the award. He improved the Seattle D infinitely more than Merriman did to the Chargers. In fact, most of the close games the Chargers dropped were due to defensive breakdowns (big plays and PENALTIES), in effect the Chargers missed the playoffs because of their D. The D in Seattle was 26th or so last year and this year finished in the top 5! Allowing only one 100yard rusher (Barber in OT) all year, this squad is the main reason Seattle is watching games this weekend to see who they play at home next week. Despite Alexander's gaudy numbers, the improved D is the primary reason a 9-7 first round loser team is the clear cut #2 in the NFL. And Tatupu was the field general from the first snap of week 1, leading the team in tackles and anchoring a spot that has long been a question mark. I guess he'll just ahve to be happy being the next Seau and being a regular in Hawaii.


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