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Car Repair Guys - Question (1 Viewer)


Driving wife's car (2003 Murano) to work today.

Stopped to get coffee, soon after noticed that the "charge" light (battery) and "brake" lights were illuminated on the dash board.

Had not been having any problems prior to this.

Got to work and turned car off. Waited about 5 minutes and tried to restart. No problems. Looked in manual and they say the follwoing:

1 - Battery, means charging system not working correctly. Check alternator belt.

2 - Brake, means might be low on brake fluid.

I'll check the fluid tonight, and the alternator, but I'm thinking that the computer may just need to be "reset" by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes.

I find it odd that both of these systems that have nothing to do with each other, come on at the same time.


Before resetting the computer, probably wouldn't hurt to have Pep Boys or Autozone see if there are any codes to pull and they can also check the health of your ignition system. A ten year-old car is about due for a starter and/or alternator replacement.

Was hoping someone could help me with this problem. I'm having issues with the automatic transmission on my Mazda pickup.

I will be heading down the road at a constant speed, and all of a sudden the engine will rev and the rpms will jolt up. For no reason at all. I can't tell if it's dropping a gear or just revving on its own. I'm not getting any additional power or speed when it does this.

Yesterday I was accelerating on the highway, was probably in 3rd gear, and the rpms kept revving without kicking into the next gear. Got up to 4000rpms (a lot for my truck). Finally I let off the gas because I was scared I was going to damage the engine.

I hope this is a simple fix and I don't need to replace my entire transmission. Thanks for any ideas.

There are 4 things that I've had happen to me that produced the symptoms you described

1) Bad Spark Plug

2) Bad Wire to Spark Plug

3) Bad Oxygen Sensor

4) Transmission dead

If you are able to start in low gear, and then manually shift your way up into Drive with no issues then your transmission IS dying.

* Note this is based off of automotive knowledge that is dated. For all I know it could be some fuel injector :lol:


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