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Carolina A Lock This Week? (1 Viewer)


From what I see, Carolina is a 3 point favorite v. Tampa for MNF. Including the Saints win over the Falcons, this now improves hosting NFC South teams to 9-0 against divisional opponents. In those 9 games, the only game that the home team has yet to cover was the Bucs win over the Saints last week, which I saw Tampa was a 3.5 point favorite. How many of you are betting the house on this, perhaps, absolute lock?

Chunky Soup said:
Why would you bet on trends?
It's worked in the pick'em I've been doing ever since I've heard about this after the 3rd NFC South rivalry game. 8-1 is a pretty solid record. I'm thinking about booking some money in this, and I haven't bet the whole season.

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