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Casketguys? Anyone ordered casket online? (1 Viewer)

Clown Car

I have been tasked by my father’s wife to research an online casket company. Skycasket.com

I read some reviews on trustpilot. Are there other places to look? Do you have any personal experience?

dad should be passing in the next couple of days. 

UGH - sorry to hear. 

While not casket specific, I did order an urn last year when my sister passed.  The selection on Amazon and other sites was quite surprising actually.  And the prices were 1/2 to 1/3 of the funeral parlor.  Quality was fantastic as well. 

There use to be a boat maker who would proclaim "no wood!" in there boats. I guess this kept them lasting longer.

Does this apply to caskets too?


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