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CB Bodden, Cleveland Browns. (1 Viewer)


The Houston Texans made no secret of going after Bodden. He got burned but also made some nice plays. 6 solos, 4 assists, and an INT. With Baxter shelved, Bodden got the start and should see a lot of action.


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:thumbup: Good post, so do you guys think he can be top 10 material the rest of the way?
I think it's very possible. Reminds me of the situation in Seattle where Dyson goes down and now Herndon is putting up big numbers opposite Trufant.
FWIW, MFL had him listed as a S, so some may miss him if they search for CB.I picked him up in a desperation move, 4 LBs on Bye, my CB3 injured (D. Florence), I'd like to take credit, but it looks like I found a gem by pure accident. I do agree with the others, and this simply helps show how F'd up the values of CBs are in FF.

I listed him in this thread back in September as someone to keep an eye on. He was listed as a safety then, too. Baxter lost time to a concussion early on and Bodden did well then. But everyone assumed (rightly so) that once Baxter was out, Bodden's production would go down.


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