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Cedric Benson (1 Viewer)


Two heads are better than one
This thread is more from a dynasty perspective but we could also include value for the remainder of this year as well.

First, let's lay out the situation for Benson.

The cons:

- flamed out in CHI

- never seemed very motivated as a runner or all that concerned with being a team player

- was dropped after a run in with the po-po

- showed average NFL running ability when given the chance and continually gave way to RBs with much lesser pedigrees.

- after he was dropped by CHI, there didn't seem to be much, if any, interest in his services

- not sure about his mental ability to play in the NFL

The pros:

- has NFL talent on the physical side of the game

- had a very productive college career in a high profile environment

- has recently been given a second chance by another NFL franchise

- showed increased burst and dare I say it, more desire last week against the PITT D.

- is still very young and some players learn what it takes to succeed in their second destination in the NFL

OK, so the guy has a good college career and is drafted 4th by the Bears, only to have a minimal impact and then be subsequently released. After that he is picked up by the mother of all disfunctional franchises and then given the ball. They are probably without Palmer the rest of the way and have no chance of doing anything good this season. However, when he started he looked decent.

Can you guys comment on the chances the following things come true and maybe some analysis on why or why not?

1. He continues to look decent to good starting for the Bengals this year?

2. He is signed to a multi-year contract by the Bengals?

3. He is signed to a multi-year contract by someone else?

4. He pisses away this opportunity much as he did in CHI?

Please keep in mind for the purposes of this discussion, that I don't feel his immediate impact will be very great. The team is a mess, heck the FRANCHISE is a mess and Benson has shown little to date in his career. I am wondering if perhaps as a young RB in the NFL he might have learned some lessons in CHI and have the mental capacity to turn things around in CINCY and actually provide some decent dynasty value going forward.


Thomas Jones couldn't get it going in Az, then turned things around in Chicago. Not saying Benson is on par with TJ, but, at least for this week, he *might* be a good play here..

beyond that who knows, you have to figure a new coaching staff next season

but, Benson as a #1 starting RB is a mighty big 'if' going forward for 2009 and beyond..

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Anyone else care to take a stab at this one? I was hoping for a little more 'analysis' and conjecture if possible.


I like him for getting on the cheap in a dynasty, but he will never be a feature back again, think Lendale White production as a ceiling

He's worth a shot on a dynasty roster if you have room. I would have low expectations but he was a high draft pick and could turn it around. Some guys mature or just get 'it' later in their careers. If he shows anything down the stretch(he has a terrible schedule) he could pay some dividends. A healthy Palmer, Ocho and some defensive help in the draft could make him a decent fantasy option next year. One caveat would be that a coaching change is possible and a new regime might clean house.

It's way too early to tell. One way or another.

At the very least, give him a few weeks to see how he plays and only then can we start to form an opinion about his value. Right now he's worth a roster spot, but he's been given great opportunities in the past and entirely blew them.

I want to see how he does over the next few weeks.

It's also tough because he is in Cincy. A team that, despite a ton of talent, can't perform well or live up to expectations.

One thing to keep in mind is whether Lewis and Company can motivate him on an ongoing basis when they can't even keep players like Housh, Ocho Cinco, Plamer, Perry, Rudi (and that's only the offense) productive.

With Chicago, he never seemed to run with toughness, nor did he have decent vision and he certainly did not have any sort of breakaway speed. He reminded me of Edgar Bennett (when he was a Bear) or Lewis Tillman. Good for a couple yards up the middle, hit the pile and fall down rather easily. Did not even show a flash of being anything 'special' (which is what you would hope with a #4 overall pick). Once in a great while, run with some sort of toughness or break a tackle. It was frustrating to watch because I always felt he could have been better. He never looked like he enjoyed playing in the NFL. Also, I don't recall anyone on the Bears coming out and saying they were disappointed or upset he was cut, leading me to believe he was not necessarily a popular guy with his teammates.

Maybe he will make something of this second chance and truly apply himself, but I have a tough time getting at all excited about him. (of course, I picked him up this week and need to start him)


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