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Central PA Mock Draft (1 Viewer)


Any FBGers interested in getting together for a mock draft? Looking to see if there are some locals to grab a beer or so and do a draft. If interested, shoot me a PM or post on here and we'll see if we can get something set up this week.

I'm in Mechanicsburg (about 10 minutes from Harrisburg, and 35 minutes from Lancaster). I figured if folks were close we could meet at a local bar with Wi-Fi. But if you folks are interested in virtual, I can make that happen too.

I have a few others interested, let me see if I can nail down a date and time. At this point, thinking middle of the week, between 8-9 PM EST. Ref, does that work for you?

I'd set it up on MFL due to the fact that Antsports is really sucking on updating their site. I have some pretty crazy scoring rules, so I would be looking at mocking on a graduated PPR setup (.5 RB, 1 WR, 1.5 TE), similar to FPC.

Well, looks like the stars are not aligned... Have to work late several nights this week and have to set up for the draft party toward the end of the week. I'll work it up earlier in August next year.

Spent my youth at Wesley Park in Mechanicsburg.
Not around anymore to participate though.
:thumbup: I know it well!

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