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Championship Lineup Advice (Lots of Tough Decisions) (1 Viewer)

Jurassic Parker

I need some advice on who to start at RB, TE, FLEX, and DST (Bold = locked into lineup, Italics = thinking of starting).

QB: Deshaun Watson (@TB)

RB: Chris Carson (vs ARI)

RB: Miles Sanders (vs DAL)

WR: DeAndre Hopkins (@ TB)

WR: DeVante Parker (vs CIN)

TE: Mark Andrews (@ CLE)

FLEX: Mike Boone (vs GB)

D/ST: Baltimore Ravens (@ CLE)

Bench RB's: Miles Sanders (vs DAL), Raheem Mostert (vs LAR), Mike Boone (vs GB), DeAndre Washington (@ LAC)

Bench WR's: Will Fuller (@ TB), D.J. Chark (@ ATL), Mike Williams (vs OAK)

Bench TE's: Mark Andrews (@ CLE), Hunter Henry (vs OAK)

Bench D/ST's: New England Patriots (vs BUF), Baltimore Ravens (@ CLE)

My hardest decision comes at RB/FLEX, especially now that Boone and Washington will both likely have lead roles with Cook and Jacobs out. The only WR from my bench I think I should consider this week is Fuller because he has massive upside against the weak TB pass defense, but I'm not sure if playing Fuller is the best choice with Watson and Hopkins already starting. I find Chark hard to trust on the Jags offense and coming back from injury, and I feel that the Chargers have too many receivers involved in the passing game to be consistent, although the matchup and his recent play makes him tempting. Miles Sanders and Raheem Mostert both earned lead roles recently and have been playing really well as of late,  but I feel with all of the injuries on the Eagles, Sanders will have a bigger role this week. I'm also not sure if I can trust Boone or Washington in the finals, as they are just filling in and haven't played a whole lot this season, although Boone is coming into a solid run first offense and has a pretty easy matchup against the Packers.

I'd also like some opinions on my TE and D/ST situation for this week, as I don't want to make any big mistakes during the championship. I feel like Mark Andrews is the safer play as Lamar Jackson's favorite target against a mediocre Browns defense, but his injury is still a slight concern. Hunter Henry has a great matchup against the Raiders and has the potential to go off, but at the same time with all the receiver options his potential for a bad game is also higher. Last week I benched the New England defense to play Baltimore and it almost ended up costing me the semis. I have a feeling to go with Baltimore this week again as I see this as a big bounce back game for them, both with not performing well last game and with losing to the Browns earlier in the season. New England's defense has been god like this season and put up a huge performance last time the Bills and Pats met, but besides last week the Patriots defense hasn't been as good lately and I see the Bills putting up a solid game this week.

As long as it looks like Boone will start, I like this lineup. If Cook or Mattison is looking likely to play, I'd want to pivot to Fuller, if we know by Saturday. 


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