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Chicago at Detroit (1 Viewer)

Stafford's definitely somewhat off (and/or too worried about a pick).

Though if calvin had gotten two feet down, they probably would have said that he didn't complete the process >.>

Spurlock now 0 for 3 at returning the ball past the 20. He just might start thinking about kneeling.

Nice sack by Suh.

Anyone want to give me the over/under on what his fine will be since it was Cutler and he is Suh?


Wow, whatever the new rule the NFL has that allows the Lions to hold onto Alshon Jeffrey's belt for a full 5 seconds while he tries to run a route....I don't like it

Bush looks much improved since his NO days. He used to stutter-step on EVERY run back then. Looks like he makes quicker reads and attacks the hole now.


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