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Chris Thompson Droppable? (1 Viewer)


I have Mixon, Ingram, A Collins, Thompson and M Mack at RB.  We start 2 and have a WR/RB/TE flex spot.

Is Thompson droppable at this point?  

Unless you have other players in other positions you can drop you need to do what you need to do and out of those RB's with his health that is your best RB to drop right now but I would try and pick him back up next week.

In general Thompson is worth keeping, especially in PPR, but give your roster constraints it's not a terrible choice, and you might be able to pick him up again next week.  He's out this week so nobody will pick him up for help this Sunday, although always a chance a forward thinker picks him up.

I have a few guys on bye this week and as of today I don’t have a TE as Ertz is on bye and a TD. 

We start 1QB,3WR, 2 RB, TE and a Flex, kicker and Team Def. 

I have Mixon, A Collins, Ingram, M Mack and Thompson at RB

J Jones, AJ Green, JBrown, Sutton, DJ Moore, D Thomas and Allen Robinson 

I could keep everyone and not start TE and TD and probably lose but I’ll make the playoffs. Or pick up 1 or 2 by dropping 2 guys. 


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