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Claude Wroten (1 Viewer)


Claude Wroten of LSU had all charges against him dismissed. Not only was his arrest suspect, but 68 of 77 arrests by the Sterlington PD were dropped due to "questionable reasoning" for the arrests. How does this affect his draft status? I mean it's great he doesn't go to jail, but it doesn't change the fact that he still had weed on him.

I am not sure the league can say this is a first offense type of situation. Illegal search, not his car, I think he goes baack to his original draft position. Its not like the teams care about smoking weed, just as long it is during the offseason and don't get caught!

Yea, go ahead and tell me that the teams constantly preach the evils of weed to the players. :excited: I don't think so, if they caught once, well than its a whole new ball game.


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