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College WR Jha'quan Jackson Tulane (1 Viewer)


Sleeper slot dynamo who has average over 16.8 yards per receptions the last 3 years. A 5'9" 185 lbs WR with short-area quickness and acceleration , that if he lands with a great QB, could really excel in the NFL. Not huge production, thus a sleeper. Probably a waiver wire pickup or 4th round pick in dynasty leagues.

  • Does a nice job locating and tracking deep passes and is a legitimate vertical threat. Willing to go up and attack the ball.
  • Jackson has reliable hands and shows the willingness to make catches in traffic over the middle.
  • He has strong hands and is extremely competitive, and Jackson has an innate sense of timing when it comes to elevating and high-pointing balls.
  • Jackson has quick feet and good body control, allowing him to gear down and quickly get in and out of cuts. His hands are good, and he’s a creative runner after the catch with the elusiveness to slip tackles in space.
  • A savvy, natural pass-catcher with reliable hands and very good focus. Snatches the ball out of the air and shows the concentration to make acrobatic catches look easy.
  • His long arms allow him to play bigger than his size, and he has a frame that can carry a little more weight.

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