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Colts vs Jags - Week 13 (1 Viewer)

Interesting clock management by Colts. 4th and 1 at 20 with 3 minutes left. Colts let clock wind down before calling TO.

Castonzo got abused for sack

Looked like  ref called forward momentum stopped in bounds. Receiver was knocked backwards but definitely landed OOB.

@MatthewBerryTMR: Brutal call at end of INDY-JAX game as a player is called down in bounds when it appears he lands out of bounds. Clock runs out - no chance at a last play to win.

And like I mentioned earlier Colts wasted 30 seconds before calling timeout on previous drive  

Judgement call that is not reviewable. 

@phillip_heilman: NFL referee Alex Kemp confirms the final play was dead when the official determined forward progress had been stopped in-bounds. Did not matter that he landed out of bounds.

That's irrelevant.  Colts should have had one more play and where they were anything could have happened.
An extra 3o seconds or timeout is irrelevant. 

Got it.

I forgot only refs can make mistakes and not Reich or God forbid Andew Luck.

The ref was behind the play, though, and in no position to judge forward progress. 

When players are running away from you, so that you see their backs, you can't tell when forward progress has stopped.

A ref who was positioned laterally to the play, such as on the line of scrimmage, would have had a much better view of the play and would have been in position to make that call. A ref trailing behind does not have the perspective angle to judge progress.
He won’t be calling any playoff games after the league office takes a look at it

One play to the end zone from where they were was doable. That referee robbed them
And if the HC or QB had done something differently, they would have had time for MULTIPLE plays. 

But you only care about kicking that ref for making a bad judgment call.

Yes it was a bad call. Yes the Colts should have had one play from the 30 or so. But it should not have come down to that.

All year long, the Jags have blown leads by getting too conservatively.  They tried to blow it again but the Colts were having none of it.

ETA - And Myles Jack made a heck of a tackle a couple plays earlier to keep the clock running.

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Were you guys arguing about the final play (when the ref correctly ruled forward progress)?   Or about a previous play that cost them time?

Were you guys arguing about the final play (when the ref correctly ruled forward progress)?   Or about a previous play that cost them time?
I mentioned previous play and other opportunities for Colts to save time and was told that was irrelevant.


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