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Commish Ruling (1 Viewer)


12 team redraft.

Waivers go through on Thursday morning.

Get home from the bar last night, and have an e-mail from an owner claiming he made a mistake.

He inadvertently picked up Brent Miller(TE-ARZ), but meant to pickup Heath Miller

Heath is still sitting there on the wire.

What should the commish do?

Switch the players out?

Let the transaction stand?

On the one hand, since it's pretty obvious the guy made a mistake, I would go ahead and undo it and notify the league of your management decision. Assuming your league bylaws allow for you to be the arbiter in league matters like this. On the other hand, if there's money involved and/or playoff implications this could result in some hard feelings. The fact that the mistake was caught immediately and involves similar names should help.

I would make the change and live with any griping that may occur.

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it was an honest mistake.... make the switch.
I would do the same. If he had lost out on Heath to someone else, than tough beans....his fault. This definitely seems like an honest mistake since most people have never heard of Brent Miller.The only problem you run is setting a precedent and the expectation that you would be consistent with others in the future. Just make sure you clearly explain that you review things on a case by case basis and that in your fair and unbiased opinion it was an honest mistake that shouldn't be punished (presumably by having the guy pay a 2nd transaction fee to now get Heath). I would probably also tell the guy to be more careful next time since this is the only time, you'll be so kind.
Switch made, thanks guys.

I knew it was the right thing to do, but I'm still a little hungover from last night.


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