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Cord cutting for older parents (1 Viewer)

Van Dyman

A land line costs like 20 a month now a days :lol:
Where at ? For internet and my landline I'm paying $130 bucks. I've thought about getting rid of my landline but really don't want to. I'm going to look into that magic jack thing. Does it just go right into the phone jack and it works?
Yes, basically. It needs internet and you have to set up a MJ account to activate the device. New activation probably includes N months of phone service. It used to anyway. After that pay to add years. IIRC it's around $100 every 5 years. Works fine for voice calls. I've heard it might have issues sending/receiving fax data, but the only time I ever tried faxing it worked.

Depending on your town's 911 setup there might be a separate fee for 911 service. I've never had to pay that but they have info about it.

Faxing, lol. Might be a dealbreaker not being able to Fax. Does it work with pagers?
Haha, sure it's funny but I since we're talking about older parents using it I thought I'd mention it. Just imagine some FBG coming back in here saying their parents threw it away because it wouldn't fax. :lol:


What part of the country are they in and do they watch major league baseball on a regular basis?
Midwest. Dad watches a lot of baseball.
If he watches a major league team on Bally Sports he will not be able to do so on YouTube TV.
I don't know what this is. :lmao: If that's a channel they don't have it. He watches on the ESPNs, TBS, Fox, etc.
Most Twins games are broadcast on Bally's North, Brewers on Baily's Wisconsin, etc... A coworkers cut the cord this past winter and bitches that he can't watch Brewers games.

Is there a good streaming source that has Bally?
I've been looking into this and it looks like only DirecTV streams Ballys. I've also heard Bally's may go bankrupt soon throwing the RSN's into a tizzy

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