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Dalvin Cook - Keeper value discussion (1 Viewer)


Now that Dalvin has found a home with the Jets, I am interested to know where his value lies with respect to a keeper league. In keeper leagues where he counts as a 1st or 2nd, there is no question that there are better value options out there. In leagues where he counts towards a later round based upon other parameters (last year's drafted round, last year's cap cost in an auction league), wondering where he pencils out in value.


  • I own him in league 1 and can keep him in the 10th. I have Hurts in the 7th, St Brown in the 4th, Pickens in 9 and Hopkins in 8 as other options.
  • A second league I am in he has a value of round 11 to another owner. That owner has Fields and Walker counting towards the last two rounds and Ekeler in round 3 so doubtful he would keep Cook.
It depends on how many keepers you are allowed. In your first scenario if you only get one keeper then I am likely taking St Brown in the 4th. I typically just keep the best player and I have ARSB as the top of that group (unless of course it's SF or 2QB then it would be Hurts).

I see Cook as falling into the RB20-30 range with the Jets assuming Hall is essentially to full health. I really have no idea how they will mix Cook and Hall if Hall is healthy but assume it will be pretty equal. If Hall isn't healthy then I would put Cook up into the low end RB1 range. But that's the million dollar question.
cook is prolly still like 5th-7th round pick so not a ton of value in keeping him. things can change but hall being taken off pup prolly prevents cook from ascending too much. if you believe he is gonna be the leading rusher all year then make a move to get him on what could be a value. otherwise just leave him be and maybe draft him come the time

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