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Danny Amendola (ROS) thoughts?! (1 Viewer)


So I'm curious on y'all's opinion on Amendola for the Rest of this Season, would you consider him an WR2 with upside? Is he back? I'm thinking about trading Dez away but that would leave me with Danny and Keenan Allen as my only options for WR2 ( I have Mega as WR1 ) essentially I just want your thoughts On what to expect from him from here on out, I know before season started he was being touted as a possible Target/Reception Machine for NE but with injuries and an inconsistent Brady I don't know what to think anymore.

Granted he is hurt more than healthy, but with the fact that he has been hurt all of the first half of season, maybe this means he will blow up during the second half! Haha (wishful thinking) and he did look pretty good against PITT last weekend even in what looked like limited snaps

Oft injured guys are an FF tease, let him be someone else's problem. The one thing about them that's remarkable is how much pain they can endure and still come back for more.

I personally take injured players like Amendola, McFadden, Harvin, etc off my draft board.

Sure, they can be amazing when they actually play to their abilities but

1- they have an increased chance if not finishing a game

2- they take up roster space when they are hurt. I'm someone who makes the most moves in each of my leagues. I am always grabbing FAs. Some injured bum takes up space so I can't release him, can't get good value in trades, so I end up hoping next week they will be back.

I did offer his owner a rather generous trade in my league this week.he rejected. Thats fine with me. If you have him and your benches are short, try to trade him, if you are in deep leagues then might as well hang onto him

I could see it, but I doubt he makes it off my bench unless a) I hear a very compelling argument or b) he explodes this week and I make it to the finals despite him sitting on my bench

I am torn with this possibility as well. Especially if defenses start focussing their attentions to stopping Eddelman and Vereen since the source of their previous attention was Gronk. If it was week 8 I would be throwing him out there for the upside. In the semi finals of my playoff I am a bit more hesitant. I am considering starting him at flex over Fred Jackson but not sure I can be bold enough to pull the trigger.

I'm playing him over Wallace - and perhaps Shorts - if only for the Gronk factor.

What a waste of money the Pats threw at this guy - even now healthy, he's way underperforming. Never again will I draft this guy.

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Just from a homer's perspective - Amendola is not playing anything close to 100% healthy, and it's clear from simply observing him in games. I wouldn't expect much more out of him than what he's produced on average for the better part of the season. I think we'll see Edelman, Boyce and Vereen split Gronk's targets. I think we'll also see a more concerted effort to get the run game going, with Ridley seeing increased carries. Just my 2 cents.

^^ Thanks. I was beginning to consider him due to Shorts' injury. I'll make a last minute impulse decision instead.


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