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David v. Goliath Championship Rumble - Sit/start advice (1 Viewer)


Happy NYE Folks. I, a lowly dark horse, have made some great strides this season - with the help of this FBGuys community - and now find myself facing the #1season long team in the champion. I come to my fellow fans seeking some guidance so that I may topple this behemoth and prove once and for all that when it's nature vs. nurture, nature always wins [Wedding Crasher ref.]. Thank you in advance for taking the time and providing your thoughts gentlefolks. 

I've outlined below my roster going into the finals.  It's not pretty, I know, but it's the result of scrappy patchwork to overcome devastating injuries. 

My Roster (Std. 12 man; .5 PPR; nothing valuable left on FA) - the players in bold are who I'm leaning towards for a risk/reward outcome. 

QB (1): K. Murray; T. Huntley

RB (2): D. Mont.; B. Scott;

WR (2): D. Samuel; V. Jefferson;

Flex (2): R. Bateman; G. Davis; B. Berrios; J. Conner; J. Jackson; J. Patterson



  1. Sit Murray? He hasn't been that accurate, is w/o D. Hopkins, and DAL is the top DST right now. 
  2. Start J. Patterson? A. Gibson is out, but WAS should be blown out. My lean is no
  3. Outside of Deebo, which WR/FLEX combo? This is rough. My thinking is to go with high ceiling plays because my opponent's team is stupid stacked. 
  4. Start Bears? Cowboys DST has been a dream the past few weeks, but I'm worried its a by product of weak opponents. Thinking CHI for matchup may provide more pts. 

Opponent Roster - for reference/context on starts

QB (1): T. Brady

RB (2): A. Kamara; N. Harris

WR (2): J. Jefferson; C. Kupp

Flex (2): J. Chase; A. Brown; T. Lockett



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