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Denver at New England (1 Viewer)

NFLN is replaying the game now. Just saw DRC expose his lack of discipline at the end of the 1st half of this game. Coming up is New England's amazing 2nd half.

I posted that yesterday and forgot

taking the wind instead of the ball

1) if they score a td, you lose.

2) if the drive to field goal range and hit, you get to try for a field goal and take four downs every time to get there, which opens up your offense.

3) if they drive to field goal range and miss, you get the ball with great field position, and a fg wins

4) if they drive to midfield and fail to convert, they have to punt into the wind, and a fg wins

5) if they don't drive to midfield, they have to punt into the wind from their own territory, and you're almost in field goal range already.

All of those things are good except the touchdown, obviously. But the touchdown was less likely because denver was driving into the wind. I think its the higher percentage play, and I said before the toss that I hoped denver would win it because id rather take the wind. It was a ballsy call but I think it was the right call.

I don't know why people even talk about this.

if you take the ball and don't drive down the field for a td (into the wind), then manning's driving down the field (with the wind) still beats you.

jesus, have a little trust in your defense.

denver drives :

punt x6

td x2



2 play, 10 yd td

if you look past the 10 yd drive, they had 2 td from 11 drives in regulation

I referenced an interview with Rodney Harrison earlier, and I hate not having links - so I found the link.

It's a nice little interview. While Harrison says he thinks Payton would have 3 SB rings if he switched places with Brady, he also talks about how they felt about Payton with the game on the line (the only QB they ever feared was Elway - Payton quite the opposite). Harrison talks about how Belichick sets up his defense to defend Manning (past and present), how the Pats percieve Manning in cold weather and how he wasn't worried at all when the Pats were down at halftime. The only part not in this link is how Harrison says he believes Brady is the best of his era - that was a past interview (Harrison's a regular on the show) and I don't feel like digging through hundreds of clips.

There's also other stuff about the locker room, Romo, etc. Pretty honest views.

Here's the interview

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