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Detroit Lions Head Coaching Vacancy (1 Viewer)

These are the speculated possibilities left for the Lions job, who do you think would be the right c

  • Rod Marinelli

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  • Russ Grimm

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  • Jim Haslett

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  • Maurice Carthon

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  • Other

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Personally I want the Lions to wait for Russ Grimm because I think he brings the "nasty" attitude that they desperately need. Problem is that I am not sure if he has enough experience (and he is currently rumored to be out of the running anyway). Marinelli...I dont know a whole lot about this guy. Haslett....come on, he comes from a sub par organization with a history of underachieving with good talent...we dont need anymore of that in Detroit. And Carthon...he just doesnt appeal to me somehow. I dont know, no one candidate stands out...but I would go with Grimm.Would be interested to hear what everyone else thinks...


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