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My final 2022 mock draft, 3 rounds (1 Viewer)

If they don't race to the stage to take Hutch, that's a big mistake.
It feels odd to say, but I really think for a guy that most feel is the best player in the draft, I really think Hutchinson is underrated. It reminds me a little of when Joey Bosa came out, and one of the knocks on him was that he didn't have a ton of upside, and he was already maxed out, which if you are already an elite player, doesn't seem like a negative to me. 

where was he going in like January? weirdest climb ever.
I thought Walker looked like a 2nd round pick during the college season. After the bowl game, and a few really good players staying in school, I thought maybe late 1st. It wasn't until the combine he was even a top-15 guy. 

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