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Devin Hester (1 Viewer)

With the Bears throwing more and talk of using Hester in a wildcat formation any thoughts to his value going forward?
I'm wondering this myself.With Lloyd not 100%, he may be an intriguing pick up in deeper leagues...Any Chi-town people with some updates to this?
Hester is a great flex/#3WR, he should touch the ball many different ways vs the Lions

WR- starting WR in an improved passing offense

Returns- overdue to take one to the house

Wildcat- should be dangerous

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In a league where WRs are real slim, I drafted (late) and have rostered Hester all year, starting him on occasion as the matchup & my roster/bye weeks dictated. Been decent so far, I believe (in our league, PPR) he is the Bears No.1. He had a nice stretch of games week 4-6, down a bit at the Vikings, and on bye last week. I think a good #3/flex play in deep leagues is about right.


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