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Devy - Trade Offer - Involves Kamara and Jeudy (1 Viewer)


12 TM QB, 2-5 RB, 2-5, WR, 1-3 TE

This league is a little different than most I've seen. We actually carry 8 Devy players to next year's draft. I think the immediate impact is I lose very quality young WR's, depth and need to hope my Devy's hit immediately.  I feel the 1st doesn't carry as much weight due to the amount of Devy players kept, but it's always nice to have them. (I originally offered Jeudy and 2021 1st). Using various projections collated and FBG season tool I'm projected to finish 3rd in pts (~5 pt/game behind 1st).

Give: Jeudy, Ruggs, 2021 1st

Get: Kamara

My Team: Main Players

Big Ben, D. Carr, S. Darnold

D. Henry, T. Gurley, M. Gordon, L. Fournette, R. Jones, A. Peterson

J. Jones, C. Sutton, JuJu, T. Hilton, D. Parker, L. Fitzgerald, J. Jeudy, H. Ruggs, P. Williams, B. Edwards, J. Ross, D. Robinson, K. Harmon

E. Engram, G. Olsen

Devy: Seth Williams (Auburn) 21', Chris Olave (Ohio St) 21', Garrett Wilson (Ohio St) 22',  David Bell (Purdue) 22', Joe Ngata (Clemson) 22', D.J. Williams (Auburn) 22', Jaxon Smith-Njigba (Ohio St) 23', Rakim Jarret (Maryland) 23', Jase McClellan (Alabama) 23', Roydell Williams (Alabama) 23'

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There is no way i would take that as a Kamara owner.  Just as you have said the 1st rounders are way de-valued due to the high devy roster spots.  



I accepted. I wasn’t as confident it was a slam dunk, but it should be a good move for this and next year. 


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