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DFS - week 5 - 2022 (1 Viewer)


Buf 30.5
TB 28.25
Phi 27.25
Jax 25.75
NO 25.75
Min 25.5
LAC 25.25
LAR 25
NE 24.75
MIA 24

These are the highest ten team totals this week. Several of the usual suspects, but this list also has some teams with questionable offenses. I have no confidence in the talent depleted Saints with the Red Rifle at QB. Is Bridgewater good enough to replace Tua without a decline in production? NE offense is not very dynamic. LAR haven’t been great this year and Kupp is so expensive. I also do not trust the Jax talent. Without factoring price it seems like we keep building around Allen and Hurts. I will be looking closely at LAC and Min this week also.
i usually attack it the other way - look for the worst 10 defenses and go from there. Jax looks better considering they get the Hou defense.
It makes me throw up a little to consider using Teddy Bridgewater.

Everyone loves Brady this week (with good reason) but I do wonder if the off field issues will affect his play. Reports are out there that his wife hired a divorce attorney but he’s trying to make it work. :shrug:

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