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Did the LaDainian Tomlinson team make the playoffs? (1 Viewer)

Bonus question... WAS LT TRADED in your league this year?

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Playoffs start week 15

I said "most likely not" .....as I play him next week to see who makes it.

In both of my leagues, yes.

One is a 12 team dynasty (first year) and the LT owner will have the best record with 10-3, but is #6 in total points.

The other is a 12 team redraft and the LT owner will finish 9-4 in 3rd place.

Oddly enough, both teams also have Forte which is probably what carried them to their records.

Yes he did, 12 man ppr league. He is 11-2 and in second place, with a bye in the first round.

He did not trade him, though I am glad he rejected my offer of Barber and a mid level WR for him.

I have him my redraft, 10 team league. Made the playoffs, waiting for tonight to find out my seeding. Looks like it will be the #4 seed.

Even though I've started him nearly every week (always start your studs), he really hasn't been much of a factor. He's not the reason I won my games, and his poor showings other times wasn't the cause of the losses, though there was one game where if he had ripped it up I'd have one more victory and would be the #3 seed.


I have him in my redraft. I also have Deangelo Williams, Brandon Jacobs and Phil Rivers.

I am in 1st place 10-3

I drafted LT with the 1.1 and never traded him. I finished 8-5 3rd place in my PPR big $$$ redraft league. Playoffs start this week. HE BETTER TORCH OAKLAND THURSDAY NIGHT. Bu the way its a 12 team league

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10 team redraft and no. But not his fault as pretty much the entire 1st round(except Adrian Peterson) was a bust. As was most drafts.


I voted "no/yes".

The team that drafted him will not make the play-offs. That team traded him at the deadline for some depth when they were still "on the bubble" to try and make the play-offs.

Not sure if I voted properly or not.

I am in 2 leagues, both of which are 12 man teams. I also own LT in a fairly competitive 12 team free yahoo league and look to be the #1 seed there as well.

In my big $ league I drafted LT # 1 over all and just locked up the #1 seed going 11-2, and finished 2nd in total points.

In my other league the LT owner finished 3-10 and near the bottom in total points.

I don't know that theres really correllation between owning LT and making or missing the playoffs. I do know that the LT owner in my 2nd league is no where near as deep as my big money team. LT being mediocre this year was not enough to cover for a lack of team depth like in past years.

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16 team redraft, 6 teams make the playoffs. LT team is #1 seed in the playoffs... but also had Chris Johnson, Slaton, and Lewis... amazing RB depth in a 16 teamer. He tried to trade LT to me for Rivers, but he got cold feet when I was ready to do it and backed out, and ultimately didn't trade him. He still has all 4 of those guys... probably a mistake, since in a 16 team league that starts 2 RBs, all 4 of those guys could have been regular starters. He should have upgraded somewhere.

14 team dynasty, 8 teams make the playoffs. Looks like the LT team will miss on wild card tiebreaker (points). He put LT on the block a few weeks back, but he didn't trade him. We made an offer, but couldn't work anything out; from that discussion, I figure he was looking for more than anyone was willing to pay.

12-team redraft, LT team made the playoffs with an 8-5 record (#4 seed). Also has Warner, Chris Johnson, Andre Johnson, Witten, and made a late trade for TO (for Eli and Plax right before Plax's hammy flared up - and the other stuff of course).

He'll be a tough out

12 TEAM LEAGUE. 8 teams make playoffs. LT owner finished 1/2 game behind for spot 8. Person in front of him had same number of wins, but also had a tie in place of a loss.

He still had a chance up until final week, but ran into the DeAngelo Williams owner in the game he needed to win to get in.

I had first overall in a big $, 12 team local redraft ... took Tomlinson with the pick ...

Finished 9-4, second seed, first round bye. Led the league in total points scored.

Went as such:















Titans D/ST


12 team redraft

I had the #1 pick and took LT. I ended up with LT, Fitz, Portis, Turner and Calvin with the my first 5 picks. Cutler is my QB and I have Daniels as my TE.

I will be the #1 seed with a bye next week.

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2 dynasty leagues, 4 redrafts

D1: Yes, and is the top team in the league despite losing Tom Brady. It helps that the team has Peterson, Roddy White, AJ, Calvin, and Marshall.

D2: Probably yes, needs to win this week and it looks like the team will.

R1: total points league, no playoffs. currently 10/12

R2: NO, 12/12, by far the worst team in the league

R3: Probably, currently in 6th, 6 teams make it

R4: Probably not, currently in 7th, 6 teams make it

Basically he killed the redraft teams, but the owners in a dynasty league can compensate. No surprise really.

FWIW, both dynasty owners are me. R4 is also me, but losing Brady hurt a lot here too.

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12 team redraft

I had the #1 pick and took LT. I ended up with LT, Fitz, Portis, Turner and Calvin with the my first 5 picks. Cutler is my QB and I have Daniels as my TE.

I will be the #1 seed with a bye next week.
how the frick did you get Portis in the 3rd and Turner in the 4th?Portis was a late 1st in all of my leagues, Turner a late 2nd, maybe early 3rd.

I'll be the #2 seed with a 9-4 record... no thanks to Tomlinson though.

I thank Cutler/Marshall (who I later traded for Marshawn/AJ) Jacobs, Witten, Bowe and the Tampa DST for at least getting me SOME $$$ this year. I don't think I'm in for a title though unless LT suddenly gets his legs back against Oakland next week.


12 person league, play 8 flex.

LT drafted first. The other primary starters are as follows: Andre Johnson, Steve Smith (Car) and Michael Turner with Qb by committee (Hasselbeck, Delhomme, Hall). Jamal Lewis is the alternate for bye weeks. TE is Winslow. Def is Steelers. K is Vinetieri

Number 2 in scoring.

I took him at 1.1 in a redraft league. I'm 11-2, but not because of him. Fitz (2.12), B.Marshall (3.1), S.Smith (4.12), Cutler and Warner have been saving my hide. Luckily the RB2 spot is a flex in this league, and it's .5 PPR for WR's.

He was taken at 1.1 in my other redraft league, and that owner is 5-7. That owner also had guys like Romo and Edwards though.

The LT owner in my redraft league is 4-8. He's scored the 3rd most points but will finish with the most points scored against him (has a 100 point lead at this point).

I think it depends on who else you drafted, and the schedule (luck factor). For example, the AP owner in my redraft is last in the division.

Yep, I made it with LT. But I also had Gore and Forte for my RBs, along with Rodges at QB and Jennings and Megatron for my WRs.

Needless to say, I led my league in scoring and finished 10-3.

I benched LT for about 3 of the games (1 bye week, 2 by choice).

I own LT. I made the playoffs easily. Progressive Keeper League. I finished 1st in scoring with an 8-5 record. I ran into the top weekly scorers at the end of the season which makes my record look like crap.

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Hmmmmm. 12 team redraft. Drafted LT #1, along with Anderson, R. Brown, B. Edwards, A Johnson, J. Jones and Galloway. Yup you guessed - 3rd lowest points in the league. Embarrassingly though, thanks to the schedule gods, 9-4 and made the playoffs!

12 team redraft

I had the #1 pick and took LT. I ended up with LT, Fitz, Portis, Turner and Calvin with the my first 5 picks. Cutler is my QB and I have Daniels as my TE.

I will be the #1 seed with a bye next week.
how the frick did you get Portis in the 3rd and Turner in the 4th?Portis was a late 1st in all of my leagues, Turner a late 2nd, maybe early 3rd.
I was as shocked as you. This league has been going for 6 years now so the guys are very familiar with alot of players.
12 team league. LT traded in week 6 for Brandon Marshall. Marshall team is the Number 2 seed. LT team won last 4 games but missed the playoffs by a game.

These results are kind of surprising, at least to me. I took LT2 in WCOFF league 14 and won our league. Don't see him on the roster of many finalists, though. I won in spite of LT because of getting Forte at the 6/7 turn and Roddy White at 4/5. I was this close to getting Portis, too as he went at 2.11 and I really wanted to smack the gentleman next to me when he called the pick.

The first round this year was just full of busts!

8 team league. he made it in spite of LT, since he has had better players on his bench most of the year. he had turner, slaton, chris johnson and lendale, then recently traded johnson and lendale for forte. he has finally stopped plugging in LT every week.

what's worse, running LT out there every week for a predictable but meager gain, or owning westbrook, who has put up a million points some weeks, left early in some games, missed others entirely, and caused me to use an extra bench spot for buck/booker each week. I guess I'd take westbrook, but it's not an easy decision.

I finished first out of the 14 teams in my league with a 10-3 record after drafting LT. I have a bye for the first round of playoffs next week.

That said, I have had a very lucky year. (I also had Slaton and LenDale). I hope it continues in weeks 15 and 16.

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Drafted LT at 1.01 in my 10-team redraft. I'm 8-5 and head into the playoffs as the 3 seed.

In my 14-teamer, the LT owner is near the bottom of the league in both record and points.

Nope. His last chance was a win against me this week. If he beat me he was in... but he lost. He actually had a decent team. He scored more points than two of the other teams in his division that made the playoffs. Just bad matchups on the wrong weeks... and he had a couple other underperforming studs, such as "TO".

In my 14 team redraft he did... though barely... he won by 2 points this week to stay in... if he loses this week he is out...

I traded rookie picks for him about 4 weeks ago in a PPR dynasty. Don't regret it... yet. Made the playoffs, probably would have made it without him.

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