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DJ Trade (1 Viewer)


David Johnson, Mike Evans and Matt Ryan for Alvin Kamara, DeShaun Watson and Keelan Cole. 12 team PPR w/  w/ 1QB, 2RB, 2WR,  1TE, 1 flex, K, Def

Very competitive money league--Love DJ but very concerned about Arizona O-Line and new coaching. I am 1-1 but scoring well. I am leaning toward taking the trade. Thoughts?

My team--David Johnson, Hyde, Ekeler, Kerryon Johnson, Peyton Barber, Mike Evans, TY Hilton, Corey Davis, Kenny Stills, John Brown, Ertz, Kittle, PHI Def, Mason Crosby

I'd pull the trigger on this trade. But I do expect Kamara to slow down a bit especially when his counterpart comes back from suspension. But even if his point totals drop to 1/2 he will still be outscoring DJ (who I have sitting on my bench until their OC figures out his name and they switch to Rosen)


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