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O.K. heres the problem, I drafted T. Suggs from Bal. as my # 1 DL this year in my main league. The problem comes from the fact that the new software that we are using to score our league uses the NFL listings as its default for players positions and the NFL has Suggs listed as a LB. Now the ravens website have him as both DL and LB, and footballguys and most other publications incuding the company we used for out draft board stickers have him as a DL. I have Ray Lewis as my main LB, so I really dont want to use him as a LB, but my other DL is Henderson from Jax. Now i know that i can always wait til week two or three and pickup the un-named rookie or second year guy who is suddenly having a good year, but i was just curious as to whether or not you guys here think the NFL.com will change to reflect what he is accually gonna play. Any thoughts would be great. Sorry its is so long


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