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Do I make this deal? (1 Viewer)


12 Team PPR Redraft with 1 keeper and give up 1st round pick.
2 Flexes so I can start 5 WRs a week or 3 RBs and 4 WRs

I give Big Ben, Zeke Elliott & Antonio Callaway for Tom Brady, Tevin Coleman, and Tyreek Hill

Other team has no real starting RB except Coleman right now while Freeman is out and Brady has underperformed for him.
I know it would leave me light at RB, but I would have a nice set of WRs to start every week.

My roster
Mahomes, Big Ben
Zeke, M Gordon, R Freeman, A Jones, J Williams
AJ Green, Golladay, Callaway, Mike Williams, Josh Gordon
Njoku, McDonald, Watson

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So why would you accept Coleman (and give up Elliott) if you know he might not be the starter the rest of the year? You don't really need Tom Brady when you have Mahomes, and while I see the temptation that Hill brings because he's a TD waiting to happen on each play, your WRs are pretty strong and have lots of WR 1/2 upside.



You take a slight downgrade at QB, a bigger downgrade at RB for an upgrade at WR.   For me, I really like Callaway moving forward so the downgrade is significant but maybe not what it would be to some others and the possible risk of a significant downgrade at RB is not worth getting Tyreek for me.  I pass pretty easily on this deal. 


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