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Does anyone trust either of Adam Jones or DeAngelo Hall in shallower l (1 Viewer)


12-team league, 5 defensive player slots (DL, LB, DB, D, D), 3 of which can be DBs.

Mild scoring system, but DBs still tend to score well versus LBs and are not uncommon at the open D slots.

Both Adam Jones and DeAngelo Hall are freaks at their positions in the real world, but each are FAs in my league, where people tend to value SS due to the tackle-heavy scoring system.

Are any of you bullish either of them ROS from a fantasy perspective?

not much help to you question, but i tend to like safeties over corners. I have Hall and twice this year I have benched him for a SS only to see him get a pick 6 in the 1st quarter and its cost me 2 matchups. Hall is #5 DB in my league, so I dont think ill be benching him anymore. He gets decent tackle numbers and makes a lot of big plays, so hes pretty consistant for fantasy scoring as a CB

yeah, and pacman just started playing fulltime because they lost leon hall recently, so I'd expect him to be available in a lot of leagues.

The safeties are far more reliable points and should absolutely be starting over CBs. Scoring system is everything, but if it's "tackle-heavy" like you say, I don't see how those D spots can be anything but MLB & SS.


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