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Don't tell me happy Pi-Day (1 Viewer)

I just had a slice of cherry. On the Mt. Rushmore of pies.

Definite #1 seed.
Apple pie w/cinnamon (obviously) and a slice of cheddar melted on top get's #1 seed.  If cobbler is allowed, blackberry cobbler moves to the top.  Peach cobbler w/ cinnamon/vanilla ice cream is pretty special too, and rare.

lots of places were running specials today.  my supermarket had 3.14 pies and take and bake pizzas.  the pizzas are usually 9.99.  happy pi day!!

I miss Pi Day already. We had so many different kinds of pie at the office. Awesome. Any dumb excuse to eat pie is good.

Completely coincidental, last night I was going through some math workbook with my kid, teaching her Roman numerals, when she pointed to a weird-looking character and said "What's that!!??".  It was pi on the page adjacent to the one we were working on. So, I got to teach her what pi is and how it is used...on Pi Day.


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