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I am in a long term IDP PPR 12 team keeper league. This is the first year we are keeping 4 players, as the majority of the league voted in favor of that. I would like to hear others input on my first pick in the draft. So the top 48ish players are gone. We have to bid on draft position, and I won the #1 spot. Who would your first pick be, since essentially it is starting in the 5th round.

Top players available at each position are...

QB - Kyler Murray, Jameis Winston, Dake Prescot, Trubisky, and Russell Wilson 
RB - Melvin Gordon, Nick Chubb, marlon mack, Kerryon Johnson 
WR - Amari cooper, Julian Edelman, Stefon Diggs, Brandin Cook 
TE - Travis Kelce, Evan Engram, OJ Howard, Hunter Henry

Not any individual defensive players were kept, so all defensive players are available.

We start

1 QB 
2 RB 
3 WR 
1 Flex (QB, RB, WR, TE) 
1 DL 
2 LB 
2 db

My current keepers are,

Deshaun Watson 
Todd Gurley 
De'Andre Hopkins 
Ju Ju Smith Schuster.

I am leaning Chubb or Gordon. Kelce produces top 10 WR #s though, so it isnt an easy choice.  Reports say Gurley is completely healthy. I will have to pick up another QB to use as my flex option before a #3 wide receiver.



Myself, I would go with Kelce, great production and you can use 2 TEs with the flex spot. Others to think about, Gordon (If he reports in time), Chubb & Johnson.



In a Superflex the easy choice for me is Russell Wilson.  He is a perennial top 5 QB and to pair him with Watson should give you a leg up on everyone. 


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