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Draft Help - how would you build? (1 Viewer)


0.5 PPR - 12 team league. 2 Keepers. 6 points all TDs. Rest of the scoring pretty standard. No TE position - we have two WR/TE slots.

I'm keeping KWIII in the 8th and D. Hopkins in the 7th.

I have the 4th overall pick - and the following are notable keepers off the board:

RBs: Pollard, Stevenson, Chubb, CMC, Jacobs

WR/TEs: Chase, Jefferson, Olave, Tyreek, London, G. Wilson, Amon Ra, Kelce, D. Smith.

QBs: Hurst, Borrow, Lawrence.

Top 6-7 guys avail in no particular order will be:

Ekeler, Cupp, Barkely, Diggs, Bijan, Lamb, AJ.

I'm assuming Ekeler and Cupp will not make it - but banking on either Saquon/Bijon for RBs and Diggs/Lamb/AJ for WRs.

My question - what is the preferred start?

If I take one of the RBs - projected WRs coming back to me are a combo of Higgins, Metcalf, Ridley. Maybe Waddle makes it - - doubt Davante Adams.

If I take one fo the WRs - projected RBs coming back to me are a combo of Hall, Mixon, Gibbs, Jones, Etienne.

Could obviously go RB-RB or WR-WR too. Maholmes/Allen may make it back - but they go early in our league.

How would you build if you had this scenario? Thanks much!
I would make a combined draft board and take the highest guy on my board. I don't draft hoping a certain player or position makes it back to me because it may or may not happen. Put in your effort to sorting out the combined board and then just trust it and take the guy at the top of your list. For me the order of the players you listed would be:

  1. Ekeler
  2. Barkley
  3. Diggs
  4. Lamb
  5. Bijan
  6. Kupp
  7. AJ

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