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Drafting Early/Drafting Late in Snake - Half PPR (1 Viewer)

The Dude

Going to try and discuss a few rounds here and collect some thoughts. Lets look at round one in half ppr & 12 teams.

1 Jefferson
2 Mccaffrey
3 Chase
4 Ekeler
5 Hill
6 Kupp
7 Chubb
8 Diggs
9 B Robinson
10 Kelce
11 Barkley
12 Pollard

Since it's round 1, there's not much to say for early in the round. If you are drafting 9-12, what might you do differently? Who is a realistic slide from the prior 8 that you hope reaches you? Who likely from round 2 would you take over the listed players?

If I get decent input/participation we will do a new round on Sunday.

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