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Drafting tonight with this crazy league setting; which position do I draft first? **WHIR** (1 Viewer)


Hey guys! It’ll be my first time drafting tonight for a league in this crazy league setting

Starters: 12 Team - PPR

1 QB - 6pts Pass TD

2 RB - 6pts TD

3 WR - 6pts TD

1 TE




** My question: Which position should I try to load up on / attack first with my #9 overall pick?

I’m having a hard time because we have 3 flex spots with one of them being a super flex, yet, it’s 6pts for a pass TD, while still starting 3 WRs.

I have the 9th overall pick in the snake draft tonight


A guy like Aaron Rodgers would be huge in this league. You also can’t overlook WR’s that reach the end zone frequently. That being said RB’s are still important, but you might want to get a huge WR that scores a lot of TD’s with the 9th pick if one falls to you.

Are you saying you only get points for TD's, not yards?  You say it is PPR.  If it's a normal PPR with 6 point passing TD 1, and one point per 10 yards rushing/receiving, that's not a crazy setting at all.

If that is the case, then no QB should go in first 2 rounds, and running QB's are slightly less valuable than in leagues where it is 4 points per passing TD.  No TE other than Gronk should go in first 2 rounds either.

So at pick 9 you want best available RB and WR, and same thing in second round.

EDIT - didn't notice the Super Flex - in that case having 2 QB's starting is an advantage, since you almost always want a QB in that spot.  The most important thing is to get 2 solid QB's, not necessarily to get the top QB (although that always helps, of course).  Might even want to carry 3 QB's on your roster.

Here's mine


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I'd take the one left of Rodgers, A. Brown, Hopkins, Elliott, Gurley, Bell, DJ, Barkley, Fournette.


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