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Drop DJax to get Kicker, or punt Kicker position? (1 Viewer)

Drop D. Jackson, Coutee or Play this week with no kicker?

  • Drop Desean Jackson

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  • Drop Coutee

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  • Keep Both this week, skip Kicker

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Starting 2 RB's (Gordon, Hyde) and 2 WR's (Hopkins and either Fuller/Coutee depending on injury).

I picked up Coutee so I now need to drop a player to get a kicker.

Other players on bench - J. Gordon, Lindsay, Chubb, L. Miller

I'm in 1st place in 12-team PPR league, 4-0, (6 teams make playoffs) so should I:

A) Play without a kicker this week or

B) Drop Desean Jax or Coutee (no answer on whether Fuller will play) to get a kicker?

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D Jax always boom or bust, so not crazy to drop him.  I'd prefer Coutee to Jackson in terms of potential.  How sure are you that you will win this week?  If you are massively favored or massive underdog then dropping the kicker might make more sense, but if you lose the week by 3 points you will hate yourself.

Here's mine





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