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DT Dontari Poe (1 Viewer)

Portis 26

Madden Freak
Had a monster Week 1 with 5 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Was that just beating up on the Jags or will he be a real force?

This may be real. A lot of opinions I trust said this scheme would be a better fit for him and week 1 was a great start. Kicking myself for not picking him up as my backup DT.

I heard some good rumblings about him as well about how he had cut down weight and was a lot faster. I think he's probably legit.

Now the question is I have Corey Luiget as my DT (listed as DT on espn). it's a 14 team league but very shallow rosters so you really don't hold a backup DT. Would you drop Luiget for Poe, or Fairley is also on waivers..

Should I swap Linval Joseph or Marcell Dareus for Poe for my DT slot? Gut says "no" since they're both young and good, but figure I should get a sanity check


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